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Toward Equity

Our nonprofit advocates on behalf of the 19,938 full-time cannabis and hemp employees across the state of Oregon. We want to educate and empower leaders in the industry to advocate for change – together.

Hemp Cannabis Work

Start the healing

Receive immediate and confidential text support when you need it. Professional peer counselors are standing by.

What Are My Rights at Work?

Once a month, for one hour, we cover your five basic rights at work.

Oregon Pro Se Expungement

Learn how you can expunge your own eligible cannabis convictions with the Oregon Courts.

2023 CERF Grant Fund

The City of Portland renewed the Cannabis Emergency Relief Fund and good news: aid is coming!


Diversify the Cannabis Industry?

Start by hiring more Black and Brown people.

No, really.

We advocate to remove barriers of entry for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, and other non-white people of color.

If you are looking to get started in the industry or are committing to a more diverse team, we are here to help.

Support the Workers


Maintain a Safe Work Environment?

The Industry isn’t as young as it used to be and while others are still getting started, we can set the pace by establishing a collective standard of how employees should be treated. Our goal is to work directly with employers to establish fair practices and opportunities for advancement in the cannabis industry.


Make Lasting Change?

At our heart we are a 501(c)4 Non-profit Social Welfare Group. This means, we are able to demand change on a legislative level as well as a local one. With your direct feedback on industry hot topics, we will be able to unite around causes and help influence decisions from the workers’ point of view.

Lasting Changes in Marijuana


If you are working in the United States you are granted these rights regardless of your race, sexual orientation, gender expression, citizenship status, job classification, etc.

1. The Right to Organize

2. The Right to Be Safe at Work

3. The Right to Be Free of Discrimination

4. The Right to Get Paid

5. The Right to Take Care of Yourself and Your Family


CWC Joins Parabola Center Partners

CWC Joins Parabola Center Partners

We’re proud to support Parabola Center in their work for racial justice and fair & competitive marketplaces in the cannabis industry. If you aren't familiar, Parabola Center is a nonprofit think tank of legal professionals and drug policy experts coming together...

CWC Announces Four New Board Members

CWC Announces Four New Board Members

CWC, the Cannabis Workers Coalition, is pleased to announce that four new members are joining its board of directors. Bringing decades of regulated and legacy industry experience with backgrounds ranging from business and civil society, the new board members bring...

We’re Taking Action

Has your employer or your peers made you feel uncomfortable while at the workplace? There’s a clear need for a documentation process that enables those most impacted to be able to track incidents in a trusted manner. The Cannabis Workers Coalition is building a rapid response system that combines reporting and tracking of acts and providing the support and protection our communities need in this uncertain era.



CWC is gathering local resources that you may find helpful to keep yourself and the entire community healthy during these times. Remember that we are all in this together!


We know that 90% of owners in the cannabis industry are white, but what else does it look like? We want you to be apart of our journey as we collect data and paint a true picture of the cannabis workforce in Oregon.

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Become a Member

Becoming a member of CWC is one of the best ways to get involved in the cannabis industry. Our coalition focuses on providing tangible opportunities to each of our members.

Become an Equity Partner

Becoming an Equity Partner is more than a financial contribution. It is a commitment to make social equity, diversity and inclusion a part of your internal and external business practices.

Give Back

Donating to Cannabis Workers Coalition helps support our mission of creating a pathway to help more BIPOC community members in the industry. A donation helps establish a more diverse cannabis industry.

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Cannabis Workers Coalition d/b/a Joint Workers Coalition is a 501(c)4 non-profit
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