CWC x Rational Unicorn Legal Services Present: What They Don’t Tell You About Starting a Cannabis Business: Best Practices

Our first workshop will be focused on the differences between a W2 Employee and a 1099 Independent Contractor. Properly classifying a worker is an important task for Cannabis employers in order to avoid financial liabilities and violations that result from misclassification.

For instance, The IRS estimates that millions of workers have been misclassified, and according to state-level studies, 10%-20% of employers misclassify at least one worker as an independent contractor. A basic understanding of employment law is important for employers that have a staff because a simple misclassification can deprive workers of the protections laws could provide. For example, the Fair Labor Standards Act require that owners pay minimum wage and overtime rates for their workers and failure to do so results in fines and non compliance.

Worker’s compensation is another web of state laws providing medical care as well as compensation to injured workers on a no fault basis; furthermore, most states mandate coverage for employees only, leaving independent contractors to seek relief and assistance on their own.

Join us for a monthly workshop series dedicated to cannabis business owners that need some pointers on best business practices. This event is free to attend with a recommended donation of $25 dollars that will go to the Cannabis Workers Coalition.