CWC has only promoted worker safety and labor rights education. We have had two expungement events and one gardening event where we handed out free weed seedlings to the community 🌱 Instagram is censoring public information once again, but we won’t have it!

🚨 Help get CWC back! 🚨
Go to Settings
Select “Help”
Select “Report a Problem”
Select “Something Isn’t Working”
Type: I can’t find @cannabisworkerscoalition. They are a nonprofit educating workers about their rights on the job. They follow Instagram’s guidelines and do not sell cannabis products.

What does this mean for the future of CWC?
We aren’t going anywhere! Our website has 24/7 access to evergreen labor rights content. Browse our Know Your Rights section, find local resources, or check out our blog. Sign up for the Coalition to take advantage of everything we have to offer including virtual trainings, free and private text counseling, and more.

We are hesitant to get back into the social media realm and will instead take this opportunity to connect with other Community Based Organizations and the people we serve in real life. We are looking for community events to table at to spread our message and provide immediate support to workers.

Interested to learn more about your rights?
Host CWC to share our 5 Basic Rights at Work with your audience, reach out to to learn more or join our virtual workshop on the last Thursday of every month.