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Support the Oregon Cannabis Equity Act

The Oregon Equity Act needs your help to make sure the bill passes later this year. If passed, the Oregon Cannabis Equity Act would reinvest cannabis tax dollars into the community, provide truly free and automatic expungements, create equity licenses for cannabis and more.

Oregon Rulemaking to Protect Employees from Outdoor Workplace Exposures to Excessive Smoke & Heat

Outdoor workers who are exposed to sudden or excessive heat are at risk of developing heat-related illness. Many cannabis and hemp farmworkers are at risk if we don’t shape these rules correctly, that’s why we need your story to let OSHA know to keep our workers safe!

Contact Your Elected Officials

Just by making a quick phone call or sending a short letter, we can share our personal stories, policy views, and let our voices be heard.

Seeking Stories

Your stories have the power to persuade politicians and executives to make the changes required for a more equitable industry.

Paid OT For Farmworkers

Cannabis farmworkers have been excluded from minimum wage, overtime pay, and the right to collective bargaining since the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) passed in 1938. Enough is enough, show your support by sending a letter to your legislative representative.

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