Cannabis Worker Support Group

Our intention for this program is to support workers recovering from toxic work environments. Partnering with mental health professional, life coaches, and certified healers, together we will focus on the emotions evoked by these issues in addition to learning how we can fight back using tools of social justice.

Our goal is to support workers as they heal and recover a sense of agency and clarity in their lives and workplaces moving forward.

Start Healing

The 2022 Cannabis Worker Support Cohort will relaunch beginning April 2022. Applications accepted on a rolling deadline until we reach capacity.

Meeting Dates

The Support Group will meet on the last Wednesday of every month at 6PM Pacific.

Wed 4/27 (open, introductory session)
Wed 5/25
Wed 6/29
Wed 7/27
Wed 8/31
Wed 9/28
Wed 10/26
Wed 11/30
Wed 12/28

During Our Meetings We Will:

Verify Emotions
This includes recounting incidents; re-living situations and empowering ourselves with the knowledge to stand up.

Build Community
Learn to recover with a group of individuals that are going through similar experiences.

Reframe The Blame
Familiarize yourself with common employment abuses and the laws that protect you from them.

Empower Ourselves
Understand emotional awareness and gain tools to help you center yourself in the midst of an incident.

Cannabis Workers Coalition


Cannabis Workers Coalition d/b/a Joint Workers Coalition is a 501(c)4 non-profit
EIN: 85-1342386
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