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We are a nonprofit worker center advocating for fair and equitable labor practices in the cannabis and hemp industry.

The Cannabis Workers Coalition (CWC) is a nonprofit community-based worker center that organizes and provides support to low wage workers who are not already members of a collective bargaining organization or have been legally excluded from coverage by U.S. labor laws.

We continuously strive to reduce barriers to access a predominantly white industry by educating employers and industry leaders on how to implement fair and equitable workplace conditions and shift towards more inclusive systemic practices. 

Our organization gives Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and low-income cannabis and hemp workers an opportunity to report incidences of exploitation and discrimination without fear of retaliation. Many cannabis and/or hemp companies have insular organizations that can foster an unsafe or hostile work environment and through our worker-based training CWC will encourage transparency and accountability.

The Cannabis Workers Coalition aims to protect and improve the work conditions and rights of cannabis and hemp workers through the implementation of several training programs and direct outreach intended to empower workers and participants within the cannabis and hemp industries.


Born in a Pandemic

2020 will always be a memorable year for many of us, but it is also the year the Cannabis Workers Coalition was founded. Underlining this mission of worker’s rights is ensuring all initiatives are inclusive of a restorative framework that will incorporate strategies and funding towards marginalized communities negatively impacted by the War on Drugs prior to legalization also known as the “The Legacy Market”.


What We Offer

  • Community, including a yearly appreciation party and connections to community, state, and federal organizations
  • Support with ongoing employer investigations, and organizing public pressure campaigns to improve working conditions or increase wages
  • Advocacy for policy change, such as the annual State of the Industry survey
  • Resources, including the #1 blog for cannabis workers and our COVID-19 Resources Page



Savina Headshot

Savina Monet

An artivist and strategist, Savina has been involved in large-scale projects influencing change for social justice in the cannabis industry. As co-founder and executive director of Cannabis Workers Coalition, Savina is responsible for the vision, strategy, and fundraising efforts for CWC as it expands across the state. 

Jess Headshot

Jessica Ortiz

With an eye for detail, a curious mind, and almost ten years of working in the cannabis industry, Jess manages community projects and program outreach. Her desire is to create impact within the cannabis community and to establish a more inclusive and equal opportunity space for BIPOC to thrive in.

Special Thanks

Cookie Zvovushe | Erica Fuller | Amanda Tran | Victor Ung | Danielle Schumacher
without your support we could not have had this supportive Coalition!

Make a Change

Get Involved

CWC gives workers a powerful voice through policy advocacy, leadership development, and community support. We host monthly Know Your Rights workshops that educate cananbis workers on their rights while at work.

Membership for workers is free and open to cannabis industry professionals of all kinds, from budtenders and trimmers to accountants and lab analysts.

Cannabis Workers Coalition


Cannabis Workers Coalition d/b/a Joint Workers Coalition is a 501(c)4 non-profit
EIN: 85-1342386
Donations are not tax deductible.