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Know Your Rights

All individuals that work within the United States of America are given undeniable labor rights, despite citizenship status.

Get Support

Find local healers, free legal aid, housing support, and more.

Start The Healing

Our goal is to support workers as they heal and recover a sense of agency and clarity in their lives and workplaces moving forward.

#1 Blog for Cannabis & Hemp Workers

Worker’s advice, how-to’s, and more can be found here! Wanting to share your story? Submissions are always welcome.

Getting Involved Is Easy

Volunteer Program

Are you a worker or a lover of cannabis looking to do more for the industry? Join us the next time we give back to the community!

Take Action

Check out our list of local and national legislative actions you can take to advance the cannabis industry.

Make a Donation

Every dollar donated goes towards helping cannabis and hemp workers find restorative justice from their employer.

Hire Us

For worker trainings, meeting facilitation, to help build up equitable toolkits at your workplace, and more.

Partner With Us

Help us push our mission even further by partnering us on our manny programs.

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Join the Coalition as a Worker and get exclusive access to past workshops, video education, and more.

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