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Hey there! Are you interested in writing for the Cannabis Workers Coalition blog?

Due to popular demand, our blog is open to the community — in addition to our staff and freelance writers.

As you know, the Cannabis Workers Coalition is a non-profit supported by the collective efforts of its community. Unlike traditional content suppliers, our blog is here for one reason only: to amplify the voice of the cannabis industry workforce.

Want to share your story expertise, story, or some advice?


We’re always looking for:

  • “Evergreen” content focusing on practical advice for workers in the cannabis industry
  • Opinon pieces on current events related to the cannabis industry — your voice matters!
  • Personal stories about your career in the cannabis industry, why it’s unique, and how your experiences can help others
  • Lifestyle pieces and inspiration for those in the industry
  • Health and Wellness practices


All authors own their own content — which means you’re welcome to publish your piece elsewhere.

We may not be able to publish all posts, but if published, your post will include a byline, author photo, and bio. We often include posts in our weekly newsletter with an audience we are growing everyday.

We are grateful that so many of our members wish to give back to the community by sharing advice, stories, and perspective here on the blog. We want to make sure this is a place where the workers’ voice is loud and proud. 

Thank you for making the CWC community better with your contributions of wit, whimsy, advice, and expertise.


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