We’ve heard from a lot of employers who want to provide healthcare coverage for their employees or support a worker’s health care needs in some way. That’s a great goal. 

With some time and thought, you can figure out a way to do this that works for you and your employee.

There is no law guaranteeing health coverage for all cannabis or hemp workers nor is there a specific health insurance program for cannabis or hemp employees at this time. 

But it is important to play whatever role you can to support a cannabis or hemp worker to get health coverage in some way. Please consider the following options:

  • You can pay for their health insurance directly. There are some low-cost private insurance options for small employers in some states.
  • You can support the worker to open an IRA account and pay a stipend directly to the IRA (or to the worker with a note that it is to go to the account).  The funds paid to the IRA are non-taxable. int. 
  • You can support the worker you employ to access the new exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Through the ACA–also known as ”Obamacare”–there are now new possibilities for coverage that can benefit some cannabis or hemp workers, although undocumented immigrants will not quality.
  • You can support the worker you employ to access health coverage through another subsidized source, such as Medicaid.
  • Many undocumented immigrants and other low-income workers and their families can get primary care for minimal cost at community health centers. You can find local health centers here.
  • You can augment the worker’s wage by $2/hour to support them in paying for whatever option they choose.
  • You can pay for a set number of doctor’s visits or medical needs up to a specific amount.

Note that the contents of this guide are intended to convey general information only and not to provide legal advice or opinions. Contact the Cannabis Workers Coalition for employee-side employment attorney referrals.