Cannabis Workers Coalition has a special branch aimed at educating employers called the “Employers Network”. We created some great resources for employers on how to be a fair employer during the coronavirus pandemic: How to Be an Equitable Employer During Coronavirus. Sharing these materials written by and for domestic employers can be a helpful way to start important conversations with your own employer. Here is a sample text that you can use to share these recommendations with your employer:

“I thought you would be interested in these materials from Cannabis Workers Coalition’s Cannabis Employers Network, on how we can help each other stay safe from coronavirus. [] Can we find a time to talk about these recommendations?”

As you prepare to talk with your employer, here are some things you may want to think about in advance and be ready to discuss:

1. Are there any additional supplies that would allow you to better protect yourself and those you work with? What are those?

2. Are there any changes in your work routine that would allow you to better protect yourself and the people you work with by doing things like practicing physical distancing as much as possible or working from home? What do those look like?

3. Will your employer provide paid time off in case you become ill or you are unable to perform your regular work because of the pandemic?

4. What are your employer’s plans for alternate schedule arrangements if you become ill and are unable to go into work?

If you work for an employer with others, you don’t need to necessarily ask these questions by yourself. If your coworkers have similar concerns, you can make a request for answers to these questions as a group.

**NOTE and disclaimer: CWC is not a healthcare or legal services provider. These resources should not be considered legal or health advice. If you or someone in your family begins to experience symptoms of coronavirus, call your healthcare provider directly.