A new safety and health guide from Oregon OSHA is intended to help employers and workers in the cannabis industry identify hazards associated with their work and determine how to control them. From the brain of long-time advocate for safety in cannabis, Jeff Jackson, comes an online module complete with step-by-step guides for employers in all sectors of cannabis to maintain a safe environment at the workplace. The guide also helps employers determine which Oregon OSHA rules apply to their businesses and highlights seven “core” requirements that apply to all employers.

According to the agency, which operates under federal OSHA’s State Plan program, its rules apply to employers with at least one worker, sole proprietors and anyone who is a member of a partnership that has workers’ compensation coverage.

The guide features seven core requirements for growers, processors and retailers, and lists hazards and hazard topics associated with each role. The unique hazards/topics include mold, pesticides and powered industrial trucks for growers; flammable liquids, compressed gas and lockout/tagout for processors; and violence in the workplace, hazard communication and working surfaces for retailers.