We’re proud to support Parabola Center in their work for racial justice and fair & competitive marketplaces in the cannabis industry. If you aren’t familiar, Parabola Center is a nonprofit think tank of legal professionals and drug policy experts coming together to protect people, not corporations. Now we’re joining 99 organizations & small businesses around the country to advocate for shared principles.

This partnership allows select organizations to join us in supporting policy solutions at the federal level that prevent marijuana monopolies and support a fair, competitive marketplace.

Parabola’s Partners represent some of the most innovative and successful independent businesses and organizations in the country, and they play a key role in fulfilling the Parabola Center’s purpose of uplifting real businesses owned by everyday people, not massive corporations.

One of the tools that have come out of this partnership in the past was the “Anti-Monopolization Toolkit” which was used to shape legalization laws in states to prevent corporatization and consolidation that could threaten small cannabis businesses in the industry.

We are very excited to be invited into this partnership of industry leaders and look forward to shaping cannabis policy that supports cannabis workers.

Learn more about Parabola Center on their website.