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Healer Resource Network

After hearing enough from our members about their traumatic experiences working on the...

COVID-19 Resources

The Cannabis Workers Coalition is compiling important resources that you may find helpful to keep yourself and the entire community healthy during these times. Remember that we are all in this together, and CWC is working to advocate for our members to get them through this challenging time.


Action Alerts

Our ever revolving list of actionable items that you can do, right now, to make a change.

Worker Survey

We know that 90% of owners in the cannabis industry are white, but else does it look like? We want you to be apart of our journey as we collect data and paint a true picture of the cannabis workforce in Oregon.

We’re Taking Action

Has your employer or your peers made you feel uncomfortable while at the workplace? There’s a clear need for a documentation process that enables those most impacted to be able to track incidents in a trusted manner. The Cannabis Workers Coalition is building a rapid response system that combines reporting and tracking of acts and providing the support and protection our communities need in this uncertain era.
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