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The 2023 CERF Grant is now closed. Thank you so much for applying! We are scoring all applications and you should receive an award email in 4-7 days.

The Cannabis Workers Coalition in partnership with the City of Portland’s Cannabis Program and NuLeaf Project is proud to announce the Cannabis Emergency Relief Fund (CERF) to support cannabis employees who were directly impacted by COVID-19, increased vandalism, and crime, and the 2020 wildfires. The Cannabis Emergency Relief Fund will provide one-time grants of up to $1,000 to cannabis industry workers economically impacted from COVID-19, vandalism, robberies, wildfire, and the residual effects of illness, trauma, and grief suffered from such impacts. If you are a business owner, please apply for funds through NuProject’s website.

Please note: The actual award amount is determined through a scoring process and may not equal the original amount requested.

The CERF grant has been made possible in part by a grant from the City of Portland, Office of Community & Civic Life.

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