You already have enough on your plate, so we put together this resource guide to help you navigate the future as we know it.

Cannabis Workers Bill of Rights

So long as cannabis remains federally scheduled as a Class I illicit substance there will always be a danger to workers rights in the industry. We urge Kate Brown to pass a Cannabis Workers Bill of Rights that clearly lays out the rights of workers in the cannabis industry.

Incentivize Compassion Programs

Recreational growers and dispensaries can legally donate a portion of their products to medical patients. But the OLCC does nothing to incentivize this option, and no growers have applied to do it. We are working to bring awareness to this issue and breathe new life into Oregon’s medical marijuana market.

Equity For All

Oregon is the only state on the West Coast that does not have a state-wide equity licensing program for cannabis in place. The Oregon Cannabis Equity Act is hoping to change that.

Cannabis Workers Coalition


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