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Most employers want to do the right thing when they employ someone. Being an equitable employer means educating yourself about best employment practices, your legal obligations, and preparing your workplace for moments of crisis. Review our toolkits to get the help you need.

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Need Support and Resources
We get it, no one gave you a guide on how to start an equitable cannabis business. Many people who employ cannabis or hemp workers are navigating on their own while seeking to realize their commitment to fair employment practices.

Finding a Community
 This helps employers combat isolation and share common experiences of employing people in this growing sector of the economy, including feeling personally transformed by their relationship with the workers they employ.

Engaging in a Movement with Shared Values
Hemp and Cannabis employers who seek to foster a fair workplace at their locations are often grounded in values of justice, workers rights, awareness that the personal is political, and recognition of the complexity of people’s lives and multiple identities as employers.

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Becoming a member of CWC is one of the best ways to get involved in the cannabis industry. Our coalition focuses on providing tangible opportunities to each of our members.

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Becoming an Equity Partner is more than a financial contribution. It is a commitment to make social equity, diversity and inclusion a part of your internal and external business practices.

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Donating to Cannabis Workers Coalition helps support our mission of creating a pathway to help more BIPOC community members in the industry. A donation helps establish a more diverse cannabis industry.

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